you are the CLIENT

What is grass-roots recruiting? Its old school, its one on one...its collectively solving an equation by understanding the nature of a company, how it operates, what are its core values, its objectives & goals. Its understanding that a candidate is a person. People fit roles, roles do not fit people.

Your company DNA needs to match the talent.

Our group of recruiters cover a vast array of specialties, geographic locations & above all else, an understanding of what you are trying to achieve. Coast to coast, industry to industry.

You are the Client – you want to discover the best talent as quickly as possible. You want the best people on board. You want the Recruitment Cycle to be easy, simple. You want talent today that will help you tomorrow.

Please register your interest in our services by completing the Registration Form below. You will be contacted as soon as possible. You are not bound by our services or firm – in fact, we encourage competition.

Recruitment Solutions

  • SPF – Standard Placement Fee
    We charge a flat rate per placement, fully guaranteed. You are never charged if we are not successful and there is never a charge to the talent pool.
  • CTR – Contract
    You have a short or long term project that you need completed or perhaps your own talent is out of the office for an extended period. Whatever the reason, you want the best talent to do the job right
  • C2H – Contract to Hire
    An immediate need today but you don’t have the time or luxury to go through our intensive permanent placement process, but you do want the best.
  • SUB – Subscription Recruitment An option that allows companies to pay a monthly fee for any number of searches they have, but never having to pay a final placement fee

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